About Us

We offer Siberian Husky puppies for sale to good homes. We produce registered, purebred Siberian Husky puppies for sale. Our Siberian Husky puppies are beautiful and have the best temperaments available. All of our animals are raised and cared for as if they were our own children. We have large, clean, disease-free kennels, which our dogs only sleep in at night. During the day they are allowed to run together in a very large area which is kept clean on a regular basis. Here, all of our babies are introduced to children and other animals at a very early age, which makes them very well socialized from birth. We also allow all of our expectant mothers to give birth and raise their pups inside of our home. This allows us the opportunity to bond with each and every pup from birth. And to give the new mom and babies extra special attention. All of our new Siberian Husky puppies are given their vaccinations on schedule, and dewormed on a regular basis.

Now that you know how our puppies are raised and cared for, I would like to introduce you to myself on a person level, so that everyone will know who I am and how it all began. I have always had a fondness and deep love for animals ever since I was a child. My mother would always get so frustrated with me for leading all of the animals in our neighborhood to our home, and of course wanting to keep them all. At times, this included some not -so domesticated animals, but my love for the animals always seemed to win over my mother’s approval. I have been the proud owner of many animals throughout my life including many breeds, and mixed breeds. All of which were loved dearly.

Decades later, I started out with three Siberian Huskies; Gina, Lock and Dolf. I came to know the breed, and loved them all dearly, and decided at that point to become a breeder. Well, I didn’t quite know at that time what it took to become a “breeder”, though I do know now. Later, I discovered that I was given a great gift from God. I realized that I had all of the qualities that it took to become what was always a dream for me, which was to become a breeder, and work with animals on a regular basis. This was something that had always been in my heart, and all of a sudden it came to be! It was truly a dream come true. Since that time, I have no regrets, as far as I am concerned, the Siberian Husky, are the best breeds anyone could own, by far. I continue to expand my breeding program, always keeping an eye out for the best producers available.

I have come to discover, just in the last few years since I began breeding, that breeding includes so much more than “putting two dogs together, and letting them do their thing”.